How to Write an Informative Restaurant Review

By Adriana Noton

Writing a restaurant review is a fun way to share your thoughts and impressions about your dining experience. To write an informative review, you need to have knowledge about what key points you should include in your review. Not only is properly describing the food important, but you must have an understanding about the details of the restaurant. Once you have knowledge of the essential points to include, you then can present a well structured and organized restaurant review.

The following are a number of helpful tips to help you write a restaurant review:

1. Before you write a restaurant review, it is important to know how to structure the review. Make sure you are very descriptive and detailed. It is a personal review so emphasize your own writing style. Write complete sentences and use plenty of descriptive words and phrases. Write it in chronological order that includes from the moment you enter the restaurant to when you pay the bill and leave. Describe the restaurant in the present tense and in the second person. Using your own personality will help make the review unique.

2. Pick a restaurant you want to review. For example, you might choose Restaurants in Montreal. Or it might not even be a restaurant - it could be a cafe shop in Montreal. You want to make sure that there will be food that you like. When you enter the dining establishment, note such details as the interior appearance that includes the arrangement of tables, furnishings, decorations, colors, lighting, and the cleanliness of the restaurant. Make sure you check out the condition of the bathrooms. As well, make a note of the friendliest of the staff, how long you have to wait to be seated and its location, and if the hostess asks if you would like a beverage. When you are seated, make a note of the atmosphere of the restaurant. Is it friendly, extremely busy and loud, or relaxing?

3. Once you receive a menu, note the variety of meal choices, prices, any unique dishes, and if there are any healthy meal options. You should have an appetizer, entre, and dessert to get the full dining experience. When you receive the meal, note if the food is cooked properly. Does it have a distinctive taste such as spicy or sweet? What is the portion size? When you make your meal selection, make sure it something you normally enjoy eating, As well, note how you are treated by the servers. Are they friendly, well dressed, courteous, knowledgeable about the food and specials, and attentive? Make a note of the meal's presentation, taste, smell, and if it is hot or cold. Make sure that you use descriptive and creative words. Suggest who may enjoy the food such as families or people who enjoy fine dining dishes. As well, note how long it takes to receive your bill.

When making your recommendation, make sure you have made a note of anything you disliked about the restaurant and the total cost of the meal and if you received good value for your money. When ending the review, make a statement about whether or not you would return. Writing a restaurant is more than just reviewing the food. By understanding the key elements that should be included in the review, you will have a fun restaurant review experience and hopefully provide valuable consumer information. - 30241

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Restaurant Equipment is Simple to Get on the Net As Long As You Do Your Research

By Shannon H Potter

Restaurant equipment is something that not everyone needs to think about. However, on today's market there are so many options and good deals available that even if you only have a small catering company, it's worth consider what you could get. Buying restaurant equipment on the web is really simple and there are a lot of deals to be found - no matter what you're looking for.

Finding what you need at a price you can afford is something that's really going to take some time. It's a good idea to set aside a few hours so that you can dedicate your time to finding what you want. Catering supplies are usually easy to find and things like ice machines, food storage and equipment are easy to find.

The best deals are always found on the web and this is because the market is far more competitive. This means that whatever you're looking for, you should find what you need at a reasonable price on the web. However, it's worth considering the fact that high street wholesalers may have a better price - you'll have to look to find out.

Most of the time, prices on the web can't be beaten and because of this the market is full of great bargains. Just remember that it's a good idea to take your time. You don't want to rush into anything like this and you still want to make sure that you are buying high quality things.

Restaurant equipment is usually in the form of machinery and appliances but there are smaller catering supplies that you can consider as well such as storage items, utensils and of course, mixing bowls etc. Just be sure to make a list of the things you really need and then if you have money left over you can buy extras.

Setting a budget is important but don't worry too much. The prices on the web are so good that you'll likely never reach your full budget - depending on what it is. Just be sure to take your time and do your research properly before you buy anything for your business. - 30241

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How One Can Make His Body Fit By Taking Appropriate Nutritious Food ?

By John Goldman

Quality diet- An Essential

Our body is a store house, which we should keep fit, healthy and happy. Nutrition is the key word to keeping our body fit, and in good physical shape.

The appropriate diet consists of balanced quantity of all of the important determinant need, like carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins and also fats.

You should take in to live, and not the other way round. Filling your body with the important food, not only guides you to lose weight, but also maintains you fresh and enthusiastic.

A good diet always imparts a glow on your face and keeps your hair shiny .There are lots of benefits and no losses involved in it .Practically it is a win -win situation.

Hale And Hearty

It is very difficult to keep away from eating the so called delicious, oily and fried food .People go these eateries almost thrice every week and put on the kilos.

Eating healthy food, comprising of fruits ,vegetables and the balanced quantity of every important nutrient .One should take at least 5 portions of fruits every day .This thing will not only reduce fat in your body but also helps you to revive your skin, hair and face.

An intensely valuable asset to your health is your skin, and it is extremely essential to consider it right. To retain your skin flawless you should eat fruits, green leafy vegetables, natural juices, and avoid oily fried products.

You should steer clear of fries, chips, chocolates, and other kinds of junk food, as they have a high fat and sodium content which is harmful for your good health. Going vegetarian is the new trend which seems to work wonders for your body, and mind.

It is religiously, mentally and physically improving as long as you with the healthy food. Not like a public idea, vegetarian food is high on proteins, vitamins, and minerals, where we have lentils, green leafy vegetables, milk and milk goods, which are proved to be even more advantageous than meat.

Benefits of a Good Lifestyle

A appropriate lifestyle, with constant patterns of food intake is a must. You can opt for nutritious alternatives, rather than intake oily foods. This not only derives a good health choice, but is exceptionally advantageous in the future.

You can keep in structure, and achieve the top of your health with quality nutritional food, but do make it a point to practice any physical hobby. Be it any sport, or household chores, or a gym, physical fitness is a requisite to complement with good consumption habits.

Apart from having good attractive body you can also obtain a good and glowing skin which would be the dignitary of all eyes. You're all healthy body and food habits will be reflected outwards.

Try to cut down on calories and make a healthy choice today, for the betterment of the tomorrow. - 30241

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How To Plan A Hassle-Free Wedding Day

By Rebecca Adams

Meticulous preparation is vital before your wedding day so that will all happen as planned. Only sweet recollections for the couple should happen on their wedding day, so whatever can ruin the day should be dealt with beforehand. It requires utmost attention to every aspect and therefore the planners, the groom & the bride are always anxious until that day. You can go for pre-wedding photography sessions and other lighter things, which can reduce the anxiousness a little.

Photography is an important element of a wedding. Thus, before a photographer is hired for the wedding day, he should be engaged in a pre-wedding picture taking session. Taking a chance with photographs of perhaps the most momentous day in your life is never a prudent decision as you are going to cherish your wedding day memories through these photographs only. Hence to know whether the photographer's skills will match up to your expectations, you should test his work before the momentous day by engaging him in a pre-wedding photography session.

A relaxing, yet good looking wedding dress will also help you feel positive and stress free on your wedding day, and therefore its choice must be made well in advance. A bride has to should be able to move around with her dress, and a bulky gown at outdoor ceremonies could cause her a great deal of discomfort, which may result in her not enjoying the wedding day.

It is quite tiresome for the groom & the bride to go through all the exhaustive planning that precede a wedding, like pre-wedding photography, but this stress must not reflect on their faces on the wedding day. To ensure this you must have a appropriate diet in days leading to the wedding day. Drinking a lot of water will make sure that you stay hydrated and fresh.

So if your wedding is around the corner, then in order to make it a truly momentous one, you must follow the above suggestions that will make the day one you will lovingly remember forever. - 30241

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Soups Made Simple

By Kristen Thorpe

There's a lot to love about a cup of delcious soup. Some people love the many flavors and textures, others the warmth and comfort. Lots of soups are so hearty they actually make a complete meal. Of course, in the summer heat, there is always the option of choosing from the cold soup favorites. Here are just a few of the basic types of soups you can create yourself.

It's interesting that most soups can be broken down into a few categories, basically that there are soups that begin with or without a stock base. Then there are also the fruit soups. Some examples of soups requiring stock include your broths, bouillon, and consomm. Soups without stock would be bisque, chowders, creams, and purees.

When creating your own meat-based soup stock, any of your favorite meats would be a good starter. Anything including beef, turkey, lamb, chicken, veal, fish, etc. would work fine. Using dark-colored meats will produce brown stock while white soup stock is made from light-colored meats. Vegetables commonly added to soup stock include onion, celery, and carrots. Soups in this category include beef vegetable, chicken soups, tomato soups, cabbage soups, and broth's.

Being much thicker and richer, and generally quite nutritional, a puree or a cream soup can often be served as a main course, especially for a luncheon or a light dinner. These soups include varieties such as split pea, bean or potato puree, cream soups such as corn, broccoli or mushroom, bisque of oyster or lobster, and clam chowder.

If you'd like great fruit soup, consider such refreshing favorites as chilled cantaloupe, cherry soup, honeydew melon, peach, or strawberry cream. These delicious soups are wonderful anytime, but especially on a hot sultry day. Some fruit soups use fruit juice as a base, while others call for a vegetable stock base. Either makes a wonderful vegetarian treat.

Whatever soup you choose to make, there's nothing quite like coming home and savoring a well-made soup. Finish your cream soup off with a small garnish and serve in a large, flat bowl. Covered soup bowls are ideal for bean and onion soups. And don't forget to make enough for second helpings. - 30241

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Quick Chicken Recipes for Weekday Meals

By Laura Cokherell

Here are some time saving dinner recipes that are filled with flavor. Chicken is a great quick meal ingredient and these easy to prepare meals come together in no time using just a few ingredients and easy preparation.

Store bought prepared chicken is a great quick meal item to have on hand or, if you prefer, simply cooking your own chicken and making extra for leftovers allows you to use these recipes and make quick dinner meals any day of the week. It's a real time-saver for the busy lifestyles we live and provides a healthy meal option with the addition of just a few fresh ingredients.

Each recipe makes 2 to 3 servings.

Chicken with Artichoke Hearts: You will need, 2 boneless chicken breasts (baked or broiled and sliced), 12 medium-thick asparagus spears (lightly steamed), 1 cup marinated artichoke hearts (drained and roughly chopped - reserve oil), 1 cup yellow bell pepper (diced), 1/4 cup pitted black olives (diced), 1 tbsp Dijon mustard, and 1 tbsp lemon juice. Bake or broil the chicken and set aside. Steam the asparagus and set aside. In a bowl, combine the artichoke hearts, bell pepper, and the olives. In small bowl, whisk together the mustard, lemon juice, and some of the reserved oil from the artichoke hearts to make a dressing. Slice the chicken breasts. Serving Idea: To serve this chicken recipe, place asparagus spears on each serving plate. Place the sliced chicken on the asparagus then spoon the Dijon dressing over the chicken and finally top with the artichoke mixture. Serve with warm, cooked brown rice or noodles.

Chicken with Okra and Tomatoes: You will need, 2 cups cooked chicken (cubed), 1 (14.5 oz) can stewed tomatoes (Italian style), 1 cup frozen sliced okra, 1 cup zucchini (half-moon slices), 1/4 cup red onion (medium dice), and lemon juice ( to taste). Cook chicken as desired and cube. Place the stewed tomatoes with the juice in a medium saucepan. Break up the tomato pieces a little so they are more bite-sized. Add the okra, zucchini and onion to the pan and enough water or vegetable broth to bring the liquid level up to the level of all the ingredients. Simmer over medium-low heat for about 15 minutes or until the zucchini is tender and the okra is warmed through. Stir occasionally. Add the cubed chicken and allow to cook a few more minutes to warm the chicken. Turn off the heat and add the lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste. Serving Idea: Serve over a bed of warm, cooked rice, pasta, or noodles with a small side salad of mixed salad greens tossed in a red wine vinaigrette.

Chicken Salad with Apples and Ginger: You will need, 2 cups cooked chicken (cubed), 1 apple (cored and diced), 1/4 cup chopped walnuts, 1 tsp grated ginger, 1/2 cup low-fat sour cream, baby spinach leaves, and 4 red potatoes. Combine the chicken, apple, walnuts, ginger, and sour cream in a bowl and toss well. Serving Idea: Serve salad on a bed of baby spinach leaves drizzled with a little low-sodium soy sauce with a side dish made with red potatoes cut into chunks, steamed until tender, and tossed with olive oil, lemon juice, and salt and pepper. - 30241

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Store Cupboard Staples for Your Crockpot

By Jayne Fairclough

The best thing about slow cooking is the way that you can throw a delicious meal together with just a few ingredients from the store cupboard.

Your slow cooker will pay for itself very quickly. The hours you save when you are cooking your meal makes it priceless. But, if you plan to make slow cooking part of your usual meal times, then it pays to have a few basics to keep in your cupboards to make meal planning easy.

Beans - Beans are a very economical source of protein that cook very well in slow cookers . Beans have their own individual flavor which can be enhanced by the herbs or spices you use when cooking them. Beans make a great meal base when you cook them with meat or be the main ingredient if you are a vegetarian looking to create a quick dish. Whether borlotti, lentil, haricot, or black-eyed, beans can be the start of some fantastic slow cooker dishes.

Fibrous Vegetables - For starters, these means good old spuds and the average kitchen has at least a few potatoes lurking around in the vegetable rack.They are a very versatile food. Mash them, stew them, fry them, or chuck them in the slow cooker.

Potatoes add thickening to stews, soups, and meat-free meals. Potatoes and other fibrous vegetables like carrots, swede and turnips, take a while to cook, so they can be thrown in the slow cooker with meat and can cook all day.

Fresh Herbs - Using herbs can dramatically change the flavour of almost any meal you make. Herbs can be bought dried, but they release a much better flavour if they are added fresh.

You can also grow your own fresh herbs in the house in pots on your kitchen window sill. All you need is some compost, a nice sunny spot, and to remember they need regular watering. Herbs you've grown yourself can even be dried to extend their life, making them easy to keep around without worrying about wasting them.

Remember to add your herbs are added near the end of the slow cooker cooking cycle so their flavour infiltrates the cooked meal and isn't lost during the cooking time. - 30241

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